Summer 2023

On 11 May, we will open Pontonen for the season and booking is already open.

We look forward to another summer at one of Kungsholmen's summeriest meeting places!

A gem on Norr Mälarstrand

Almost completely surrounded by water, on Norr Mälarstrand with the city's best evening sun and views of Söders Höjder, it's easy to see why Pontonen is many Stockholmers' favourite place to be during the summer months. It's where sea life, holiday cheer, big-city pulse and summer night meet in perfect combination. Stop by for a few glasses of well-chilled rosé, dinner in the evening sun or fresh cocktails in the evening when the pulse is racing. Whatever the reason, it's great summer life that brings together a lovely mix of people from all corners of the city, at one of Kungsholmen's summeriest meeting places.

Food & Beverages

The pontoon's menu is a lovely mix of hors d'oeuvres and regular main courses. Pick up and share with your friends or eat like a classic three-course menu. The menu includes green asparagus, grilled spring chicken, back steak Provencale, glow-baked beets, lovely salads, tartars, strawberries and raspberry tartarlette. If we were to put a common denominator, it is probably simply "summery" – such a menu we ourselves would appreciate when we sit next to Riddarfjärden and catch the summer evening sun with a well-cooled bottle of rosé or some bubbly cocktails.


Opening hours
Mon-Tue 17-23
Wed Sat 5 p.m.
Sun 17-22

08-684 238 75

PR & Market
Frida M Thornberg